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Ú Bistrô

Altemar Cardoso, the best Chef of Pipa, commands Ú Bistro Cuisine Contemporaine at Boutique Hotel Marlin's. Blending gastronomy and art, immediately after its inauguration in October 2014, the restaurant was the winner of the 10th Pipa Gastronomic Festival in the main dish category with the Curry Shrimp with Roasted Tomato Risotto. Latter, in 2015, Ú Bistrô won another title from that same organization with the best dessert of the year, the Cocada Mole Stick. Finally in 2016 the restaurant was once more awarded with the best drink of the year, the Passiflora.

* The restaurant is open to the general public, guests and non-guests, for lunch and dinner.

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Curry Shrimp

2014 - Best Main Dish

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Cocada Mole Stick

2015 - Best Dessert

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2016 - Best Drink

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Caramelized Lamb Ribs

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Thai Shrimp

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