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Reservations & Doubts

1. How do I make a reservation?

  • All reservations are made online through the hotel's website or through authorized channels such as Booking.com, Expedia etc.
  • Click here to check our availability and prices.

2. When and how do I pay for my reservation?

  • The hotel requires the full hosting amount at booking time.
  • Payment is made through credit card or through bank deposit (for some types of rate).

3. When is my reservation confirmed?

  • The reservation is confirmed as soon as the credit card gets charged or when the bank deposit is effectively made.

4. How do the hotel rates work?

  • The hotel offers different rate possibilities depending on the length of stay, the booking channel (hotel website, Booking.com etc), the payment method etc.
  • In this sense, the customer must pay attention to the individual conditions of the chosen rate at booking time.
  • Usually, promotional fares have additional restrictions.

5. How do Holiday Packages work?

  • Holiday packages are special periods that include holidays of great relevance and that have specific conditions (minimum nights, maximum day for entry, minimum day for departure etc).
  • Usually those packages include special services like meals or parties - like in New Year's Eve, for example.
  • IMPORTANT: Holiday packages are always unalterable (no changes are allowed in the reserved period) and non-refundable in case of cancellation. 

6. Can I change the period of my reservation?

  • It depends on the chosen rate. Some rates may restrict changes and others may not allow any changes at all, such as Holiday Packages.
  • If the fare conditions allow period changing, the change must always be requested within at least 10 days in advance for Check-In date.
  • When the change is permitted, if the new booked period results in a lower value than the original, the hotel will refund 75% of the difference amount betwen them.

7. Can I check-out latter?

  • Unfortunately the hotel does not work with Late Check-Out.

8. What happens in case of No Show?

  • If the guest does not show up at the hotel on the Check-In date the reservation is canceled and the prepaid amount is not refunded, regardless of the chosen rate type upon booking.

9. I canceled my reservation, am I entitled to a refund?

  • It depends on the chosen rate and on the time the cancellation was requested.
  • As previously stated, some rates are non-refundable. Other rates may give the right to refund as long as the cancellation is requested within at least 10 days in advance for the Check-In date.
  • If the conditions for reimbursement are attended, the refund will always be equivalent to 75% of the prepaid amount.

10. Is there any way not to lose 25% of the prepaid amount?

  • Yes, when you are entitled to a refund, it is possible, instead of receiving 75% of the prepaid amount, to convert the total amount into credit for future lodging. In this case, a Credit Letter with 6 months validity will be issued in your favor.

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