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Sustainable Practices

Boutique Hotel Marlin's is very concerned about the socially and ecologically sustainable development of the planet. To serve this purpose it always seeks to improve its organizational practices in order to guarantee a better future for all citizens of the world.

In this way, the hotel implements several innovations in its building structure with the goal of using the scarce natural resources in a more efficient way, among which we highlight:

  • Solar water heating system. In a region where the sun is strongly present throughout most of the year nothing makes more sense than this.
  • Use of white reflective roof tiles.This is a measure that helps to minimize the famous global warming - One Degree Less campaign of the Green Building Council.
  • Water consumption reduction by treating all hotel water and reusing it in its gardens and green walls. Another measure that seeks the conscious use of the most important natural resource of our planet.

In addition to these measures that seek an ecologically sustainable world, Marlin's also seeks to socially transform the community in which it operates so everyone can enjoy a better future. Although Pipa has been very enriched in recent years due to its tourism development, the county did not follow the same investment growth in the social area, which means that education and public health in the city are still deficient.

In pursuit of this transformation, the hotel focuses primarily on the development of its employees. Thus, it not only practices all the measures required by national labor legislation, but also seeks to offer these highly important contributors a more complete personal development through courses and lectures, financial support, social integration and cultural valorization.