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Pipa Village

Praia da Pipa officially belongs to Tibau do Sul county. The discussions about the origins of its name is old, yet the predominant idea is that Pipa (wich means "barrel" in Portuguese) would be a reference to a great rock in Praia do Amor that seen from afar takes on barrel-like contours and would have been used as navigation reference by European conquerors.

During colony time the region has always been very disputed by European countries, especially by the French, Dutch and Portuguese. Originally inhabited by the indigenous people of Potiguaras, the region was explored in search of natural resources, especially in search of the Pau Brasil (a tree used to dye fabrics).

Until a few decades ago, Pipa was just a rudimentary fishing village. Rediscovered then by surfers who sought good waves, the village began to take fame and little by little some business started emerging - some inns, campsites and restaurants. Since then, Pipa has not stopped growing and today it receives tourists from all places, it has become a permanent highlight in the main tourism guides and is always chosen as one of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil and in the world.