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Useful Information

Here are some tips and information to make your stay in Pipa even better.

Sun and Heat

In Rio Grande do Norte State sunburn and sunstroke can be a problem. So do not be fooled by the refreshing sea breeze and remember to:

  • Drink plenty of fluids to prevent dehydration;
  • Avoid heavy meals, especially during the hottest period of the day;
  • Also avoid uninterrupted sunbathing and;
  • Always use sunscreen.

Power Grid

The voltage in RN is 220V. Therefore, be careful whenever connecting electronic equipments to the power grid in Pipa. Make sure that the equipment you want to use is able to receive this voltage.


Pipa is considered a safe place, still some caution is always welcome:

  • Avoid walking on the beach at night;
  • Pay attention to your belongings while bathing in the sea and;
  • Avoid carrying too much money or credit cards for tours where they are not needed.

Useful Phone Numbers

  • Police: 190
  • Tourist Police Station (RN): (84) 3232-7404
  • City Police (Pipa): (84) 3246-3211 or (84) 3246-2525
  • Ambulance: 192
  • Tibau do Sul Medical Post: (84) 3246-4304
  • Natal Airport (São Gonçalo do Amarante): (84) 3343-6060
  • Natal Bus Station: (84) 3205-2931
  • Children Sexual Exploitation Delation: 100