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Booking Policy

1. General

A. Upon booking moment the customer declares the awareness and acceptance of this Booking Policy as well as the hotel Internal Rules (both available on the web site www.hotelmarlins.com and at the hotel front desk).

B. Reservations at Hotel Marlin's are made exclusively online on its website (www.hotelmarlins.com) or by other authorized channels such as Booking.com, Expedia etc. Reservations may also be exceptionally made by email (reservas@hotelmarlins.com). Thus, the confirmation, modification or cancellation of reservations is only effective when done via those channels of communication.

C. Contact for bookings issues via telephone (+55 84 3246-2219) can be made from Mondays to Fridays, from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm (Brazilian Time), however any requests should be latter formalized via e-mail for the security of exchanged information such as dates, values etc.

2. Booking Payment

A. All reservations at Hotel Marlin's will be guaranteed upon a prepayment, characterized here as Payment in Advance.

B. The Payment in Advance is equivalent to 100% of the total amount of the reserved accommodation.

C. Payment in Advance will be charged on the credit card informed by the customer on any of the reservation channels previously indicated. (Debit cards are NOT accepted for reservation purpose).

ATTENTION: The reservation holder must correspond to the holder of the credit card used for booking. It is NOT ALLOWED to use third-party credit cards for reservations.

D. Payment in Advance can be made, for some rate modalities, when specially discriminated on the hotel website, via bank transfer/deposit. In this case, the transfer/deposit must be made no later than 3 (three) days after reservation and the transaction receipt must be sent to reservas@hotelmarlins.com along with the indication of the reservation number and the name of its holder.

E. Customers outside Brazil shall pay attention that Payment in Advance can only be made through Brazilian bank system. Transfers via Western Union or similar ones are NOT accepted by the hotel and do not represent booking confirmation or guarantee. Any losses derived from those transactions are entirely client’s responsibility.

3. Booking

A. Booking process with Payment in Advance via credit card is “semi-automatic” – the credit card is not charged immediately – and for that reservation is not yet confirmed even though the client may receive messages as “confirmed reservation”, “booking complete” etc. Those kinds of message simply mean that the accommodation was blocked for sale for the reserved period.

The reservation is only confirmed when the credit card is indeed charged therefore when Payment in Advance is guaranteed.

If the credit card does not present funds or has been incorrectly informed the hotel may cancel the reservation at any time and turn the accommodation available for sale to a third party.

B. For reservations with Payment in Advance made by credit card, at Check-In time, the client must physically present the same credit card used upon booking (which will be copied by Front Desk staff) and sign the respective debit receipt; the client must also present a valid identity document (which will also be copied).

C. If the reservation is made through a rate that allows the Payment in Advance via bank transfer/deposit, this will only be confirmed after the effective bank transaction, in the hotel account, respected the 3 (three) days deadline after the reservation date, and in the exact amount required. Finally, it is still necessary to send the receipt to reservas@hotelmarlins.com. Failure to comply with any of these requirements may result in cancellation of the reservation and the hotel may turn the accommodation available for sale to a third party.

4. Rates and Terms

A. Boutique Hotel Marlin's offers its rates and conditions online, either through the hotel's own website (www.hotelmarlins.com) or through third-party channels such as Booking.com, Expedia, etc.

B. Different prices may be offered for the same period depending on time of booking, hotel occupancy, sale channel, payment method, promotions and also on the conditions and restrictions of each of the hotel various rates. Therefore Hotel Marlin’s prices can vary, up or down, before or after reservation is made.

C. Boutique Hotel Marlin's reserves itself the right to change prices and conditions of its rates at any time.

D. Confirmed reservations maintain the prices and conditions of the booking moment regardless of subsequent changes.

E. Reservations of periods that include holidays such as Carnival, Easter and New Year’s Eve, usually called Holiday Packages, have special restrictions - they are always UNALTERABLE and NON-REFUNDABLE in case of cancellation, regardless of the chosen rate, the sale channel or the payment method.

F. It is entirely up to the client to pay attention to rates and their conditions at booking moment.

5. Hosting Period Changes before Check-In

A. The possibility of changing the reserved period depends on the individual conditions of the chosen rate at booking time. Some rates may restrict changes and sometimes changes might not be allowed at all.

B. Regardless of the rate type, if the change is allowed, it must be requested within at least 10 (ten) days prior to the original Check-In date.

C. When the change is possible, if it implies in a hosting value lower than the original reservation, 75% of the difference between its prices will be reimbursed to the client.

D. When the change is possible, if it implies in a hosting value higher than the original reservation, the client must make a new Payment in Advance in order to cover the difference between its prices.

E. As previously stated, Holiday Packages are UNALTERABLE regardless of the chosen rate, the sale channel, or the payment method.

6. Period Changes during Hosting

A. If the customer already at the hotel wishes to extend the period of hosting he shall check the availability at the hotel front desk and, if the change is possible, perform a Payment in Advance equal to the total value of that extension.

B. If the customer already at the hotel wishes to shorten the hosting period, no amount will be reimbursed, except for the hosting period that exceeds 10 (ten) days from the request date, which will be refunded in 75% of the reduced days value. This possibility also depends on the booked rate conditions.

7. Upgrade and Downgrade

A. If the customer wishes to perform an accommodation Upgrade he shall, upon availability, make a Payment in Advance equal to the price difference between accommodations, either prior to Check-In or during hosting.

B. If the customer wishes to perform an accommodation Downgrade, upon availability, and within at least 10 (ten) days prior to Check-In date, he must request it to the hotel’s reservations department, which will result in a refund of 75% of the value difference between accommodation prices.

C. Within less than 10 (ten) days to Check-In date, an accommodation Downgrade, if requested, will not result in any kind of refund regardless of the chosen rate.

D. Holiday Packages allow Upgrade but not Downgrade.

8. Late Check-Out and No Show

A. The hotel does not allow Late Check-Out (Check-Out time is 1:00 pm).

B. No Show on Check-In date implies in automatic reservation LOSS and in no refund of any kind.

9. Cancellation and Refund

A. The right to reimbursement as a result of cancellation depends on rate conditions used for booking.

B. When the booked rate allows cancellation with refund, subjected to its conditions, the customer will be reimbursed in an amount equivalent to 75% of the Payment in Advance. The remaining 25% figures as reparation to the hotel for blocking the accommodation and the consequent inability to sell it to other parties during that period.

C. The reservation made by credit card shall have the 75% reversal requested to the credit card company within 10 (ten) days after cancellation request.

D. The period for reimbursement of reservations made by credit card, in order to refund the customer through the credit card used upon booking, is limited by credit card companies and typically range between 90 to 120 days after the original debit occurs.

E. If exceeded the maximum period for reversal imposed by the credit card company as described above, the customer in Brazil shall inform a bank account, in his behalf, so the hotel may proceed with the reimbursement.

F. If exceeded the maximum period for reversal imposed by the credit card company as described above, the customer abroad shall inform a PayPal account (www.paypal.com), in his behalf, so the hotel may proceed with the reimbursement. In this case the refund will be equivalent to 70% of the amount paid in advance due to Brazilian government fees for operating in US dollars.

G. The effective refund via credit card may not appear immediately on customer’s invoice depending on the due date of the credit card – even though the reversal was requested by the hotel to the credit card company within 10 days after cancellation request as described above. Therefore it is possible that the reimbursement only gets “visible” on the next credit card invoice.

H. Refund via credit card is only possible if it the credit card used for reservation keeps its validity. Expired or canceled credit cards turn impossible the reimbursement by credit card companies and shall be made by bank deposit for customers in Brazil and by PayPal for customers abroad as mentioned before.

I. For reservations made by bank deposit, the client must inform a bank account, in his behalf, for the 75% refund, to be made within 10 (ten) days after cancellation request.

J. If there is any disregard to the hotel Internal Rules, hosting shall be CANCELED and the guest will be forced to leave the hotel – still bearing responsibility to pay for the total amount of the reservation, for consumption and for any damage caused to hotel property.

10. Refund Conversion into Credit Letter

A. In the case of rates that allow the cancellation of the reservation with a 75% refund of the amount paid in advance, when the conditions for receiving the refund are attended, the customer may choose to exchange the refund for a Credit Letter equivalent to 100% of the amount previously paid.

B. The Credit Letter shall be valid for 6 (six) months and may be used for any future reservation during that period.

C. Credit Letters are for personal use only and for that not transferable – it can be used only when its bearer is effectively a guest at the hotel.

D. Reservations made with Credit Letters cannot have their hosting period changed and are no longer refundable in case of cancellation, regardless the chosen rate.

E. Credit Letters cannot be used to offset outlays with tours, transfers or consumption in the hotel.

F. In case the new hosting booked using a Credit Letter results in a lower value than its credit, a new Credit Letter shall be issued with the remaining credit, however its validity shall remain the same as the original one.

11. Terms and meanings

A. Booking Policy: it is the present document.

B. Internal Rules: it is the document that presents the hotel hosting rules available on www.hotelmarlins.com and at the hotel front desk.

C. Payment in Advance: it is the amount paid by the customer at booking time, equivalent to 100% of the lodging value, in order to guarantee his hosting.

D. Check-In: it is the date of entry into the hotel (starts at 3:00 pm).

E. Check-Out: it is the date of departure from the hotel (until 1:00 pm).

F. Holiday Packages: these are special periods that include relevant holidays and for that have additional restrictions.

G. Upgrade: it is the exchange for a higher value accommodation.

H. Downgrade: it is the exchange for a lower value accommodation.

I. Late Check-Out: it is the common practice in hotel business for leaving the hotel latter than the stated check-out time (not allowed by Hotel Marlin’s).

J. No Show: it is the non-attendance of the guest to the hotel on check-in day.

K. Credit Letter: is the document issued by the hotel that guarantees certain credit to the customer for future lodging.