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Central Beach

The Central Beach is the one that originated the village of Pipa. Its location facilitates the access by all its visitors. Access can even be made by car nearby the city Church. In addition to that, there are several public stairs and paths leading to this beach. It is a stunning beach despite being the busiest one.

On this beach you will find kiosks and snack bars serving drinks and popular appetizers (caipirinha, beer, french fries, fried shrimp, etc). There it is also possible to find some good restaurants that usually serve regional dishes such as grilled fish and "pirão".

In Central Beach there is a big rock with a pole, a small blue column that carries on its top the image of Pipa's patron saint, San Sebastian. Every January 21st, this saint's day, there is a celebration with fireworks, popular auctions, forró dancing and much more.

Central Beach has a peculiar charm. During the low tide the sea recedes more than 40 meters, lowering up to 2 meters in some spots, and exposes its beautiful corals creating natural pools. Walking over the coral it is possible to see several fish species of all colors and shades, as well as other marine animals.

During high tide this calm beach of natural pools turns into a bustling sea with constant waves breaking over the reef. In ideal conditions its waves make all surfers run to the water. For them the place is known as "Lajão" because of the slab of natural stones that makes the waves break with perfection.

It is also on this beach that the fishermen keep their small boats moored. During low tide some of the boats touch the sand and it is necessary to wait for the high tide in order to leave to high seas. In the afternoon it is common to see fishermen walking on the beach with the result of the fishery on their hands.

Boutique Hotel Marlin's access to this beach is made by the pool area, the same place where you can order drinks and snacks whose sophistication can not be found anywhere else in Pipa.