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Amor Beach

Amor Beach (meaning "beach of love") is a spectacle of nature. The color mixture (the sea, the beach sand, the black rocks, the reddish hill sand, and an unique vegetation that descends by the hillside) makes this beach privileged. Its landscape is composed by great rocks and stones that generate a certain isolation, a refuge for lovers - hence its name.

Access to this beach is quite easy and it has good infrastructure. You do not know Pipa without knowing Amor Beach. To reach it there are two main paths. The first one, recommended only when the tide is low, is by the beach, walking south for about 1 km from the Central Beach. The other way is by the city main avenue. You just need to walk straight towards Calangos Nightclub, also for approximately 1 km, and turn left at the sign for Pousada Bicho Preguiça, following this path straight down to the beach. The final access is then made by a public stairway over the cliffs.

This beach has a really rough sea and is not recommended for swimming. Besides the bustled sea, there are pointed stones under the water. Still surfers love this beach and they are always there. Although bad for swimming, Amor Beach is great for sunbathing.

Besides surfing, paraglide practice is also common there, and the flight has a fantastic view. There are a few bars on this beach under its hillside where you can get some snacks and drinks, still it is recommended to carry a bottle of water when visiting Amor Beach.