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Madeiro Beach

Madeiro Beach is a beauty of nature - a beach without rocks and with relatively calm waters - also very visited by dolphins. Following the path to Golfinhos Beach, it is the beach right after it. Despite the proximity between these two beaches, it is easy to see the difference between them - Madeiro Beach vegetation is much more abundant, marked by the presence of coconut trees in all its extension, and the height of its cliff is descending towards the north.

Formerly, this was an almost deserted beach visited mainly by the guests of two hotels that are settled there. Today it is a very disputed beach and sun umbrellas have already become part of its visual. There you can find tents and bars, and you can also rent sunbeds.

It is very common to see those who wish to learn how to surf on this beach. Waves are relatively friendly for beginners and for that it is easy to find surf schools along its bay.

Access to this beach on foot is very difficult. After Golfinhos Beach you must walk over rocks and the path becomes narrow when the tide is high. The total distance from Central Beach to Madeiro Beach is approximately 3 km. So the best thing to do is to ride the road.

For those whithout car it is suggested to use the city micro-buses or taxis. They take you to the main access for an average tariff of R$ 3.00 for the micro-buses and R$ 20.00 for taxis.

For those with car, even without knowing the region, it is easy to find the way. You just need to follow the road towards Tibau do Sul for approximately 3 km. Near to Hotel Village Natureza you will see taxis and parked cars. There is the main access to the beach, through a public staircase (currently in poor conditions of conservation - caution is suggested). There are a total of 168 steps, so save some breath for the climb.