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Golfinhos Beach

Golfinhos Beach (meaning "dolphin's beach") is one of the most beautiful beaches of Pipa. It is named after the constant presence of these mammals in its waters. With luck it is possible to swim near them and also witness fantastic acrobatics. It is worth remembering that, although harmless, dolphins are wild animals and therefore contact should always be avoided.

People on this beach usually occupy a small part of the bay, right on in its beginning, so the rest of its extennsion remains almost deserted. That disputed small part is probably the best place to swim in all of Pipa. The sea is calm and it almost feels like you were in a swimming pool. But as you walk towards to the end of the bay, in the direction of Madeiro Beach, the sea becomes increasingly rough.

To get to Golfinhos Beach you need to head north for approximately 1 km from the Central Beach (using the hotel's private access to the beach turn to the left). The passage to this beach is filled with rocks but at low tide it is relatively easy to walk along sandy paths formed along the beach. On the other hand, missing the tide rising time may result in a hard return.

Since it is not very easy to find shadows on Golfinhos Beach it is recommended to avoid this beach when the sun hits its apex, or at least being prepared for that - carry a bottle of water and sunscreen with you when visiting this beach.