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reservations and doubts


All reservations are made online via the hotel's website, or through authorized channels such as Booking.com and Expedia.

Telephone contact about reservations, cacellations and refund must be latter confirmed by e-mail to ensure the correct exchange of information.


The hotel charges the full amount of the accommodation on customers credit card at booking time.

The customer must be the legal credit card holder, and this must be presented, along with a valid ID, to front desk personal during check-in. Notice: virtual credit cards are not accepted.

Payment can also be made through bank deposit for some types of rate. Notice: the hotel only operates in the Brazilian Banking System and do not receive international money transfers via Western Union or similars.

booking confirmation

Automatic booking system messages such as "reservation completed" or "reservation confirmed" only mean that the chosen accommodation has been blocked for the client and won't be available for third parties to book.

Reservation is only effectively confirmed after payment - once the customer's credit card gets charged or when the bank deposit is made effective.


The hotel offers different rate possibilities depending on hosting period, payment method and booking channel (hotel's website, Booking.com, Expedia etc).

Thus, the customer must pay attention to the individual conditions of the chosen rate during booking.

Usually, promotional rates have additional restrictions.

period changes

The possibility of changing the reserved period depends on the conditions of the chose rate. Some rates may restrict changes while others may not allow any change at all, such as holiday packages.

When the change is allowed, this must always be requested within at least 7 days prior to the original check-in date.

When the change is permitted, if the new hosting period results in a lower value than the original, the hotel will refund 70% of

the difference diminished.

holiday packages

Holiday packages are special periods composed of great relevance holidays and that have specific conditions for booking.

IMPORTANT: reservations of periods that include holiday packages are always unalterable and non-refundable in case of cancellation.

late check-out

Boutique Hotel Marlin's does not practice late check-outs.

In order to extend departure time it is necessary to book an additional day for the hosting period.

no show

In case of no show (not attending to the hotel on check-in day) the reservation is canceled and the amount paid, regardless of the chosen rate, is not refunded.

cancellation and refund

In case of cancellation, the refund of the amount paid in advance depends on the conditions of the chosen rate as well as on the time cancellation is requested.

For some rates cancellation may result in no refund at all. Other rates may allow partial reimbursements when cancellation is requested within at least 7 days prior to check-in.

When the conditions for reimbursement are attended, the refund will be equivalent to 70% of the amount paid in advance.

When the client is entitled to a partial reimbursement, he may choose to keep the total amount paid in advance as a credit for future hosting, instead of getting a partial refund. Therefore a credit letter valid for 6 months is issued in his favor.

*For customers abroad, when the maximum deadline for reimbursement is exceeded (period imposed by credit card companies), the refund shall be made by PayPal.

booking policy

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